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Innovate, Compete, and Thrive in Any Enviroment

Speaking Engagements/Interviews

Keli is available for national and international speaking engagements. Topics include marketing, digital strategy, pitching/presence/confidence, career acceleration, leadership, personal and professional branding and content creation.


Consultations + Coaching + Collabs

1-on-1 Brand Strategy (Brand Development)

YOU CAN BE A BRAND. Do you want to define yourself for yourself? Brands aren’t just for products. People are brands too. Set the stage and properly define your personal brand from inception. Keli can help you determine the best way to communicate who you are to the world in a clear, compelling, and captivating way that makes people listen to you, trust you, and want to work with you. Set the stage for new opportunities by developing your own credible personal brand.

Business Consulting

In business, it takes more than a good idea to meet goals. You need great marketing and standout advertising. I have a proven track-record of helping businesses overcome hurdles to success and build long-term engagement, revenue, and loyalty. Use Keli’s award-winning marketing & business brainpower to help you overcome your biggest struggles. Designed for businesses of all sizes and industries.


Empower the people on your team to develop more effective and impactful experiences in their writing, content development, emails, and promotional materials.
By enhancing the skills of your team, you decentralize the work and make it easier for every team member to contribute in a more efficient manner.

Life Transformation + Career Advancement

Career advancement, transitions, moving into leadership, life pivoting, overcoming setbacks; Keli helps with it all. If you’re tired of wishing things were different, get a mentor and life strategist that knows how to make things different (and better). You can take back your control. You can transform your life, heal old wounds, discover your purpose, accomplish your goals, and live the life you desire.