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Successfully Sell on Social: Online Course

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Monetizing Social Media


Triple Your Brand Revenue: Secrets of Successful Selling on Social Media

Social media has changed the game. It has created a global community of buyers seeking information and products (your information and products, that is). They’re eager and ready to buy from brands, but it can be really tough to know what actually gets people from the liking stage to the buying stage. 

Are you looking to convert your social media followers and friends to loyal, repeat customers? If so then that’s what this course will show you how to do.

I’m here to help walk you through social media media selling so that you avoid turning your followers off or wasting time marketing with minimal to no success.

This ‘Secrets of Successful Selling on Social Media’ is strategically designed for:

Small business owners who are overwhelmed by social media or who have seen minimal success with trying to market yourself or your products on social’, but know that it is essential for the future growth and well-being of the business

Creative current or aspiring entrepreneurs have an interest and desire to establish a for themselves as a way to be more financially independant and get more opportunties.

Bloggers and freelancers that want to develop a brand through social media that sells their work for them

Having a strategy for your social media is a must if you want to actually persuade people to go from just liking to actually buying (then buying some more). It is essential for attracting people to your products and services. Social media success requires a clear, concise and consistent approach and prolonged brand exposure.  This course will walk you through art and science being selling on social media.

This easy-to-understand social media selling and marketing guide will take you step-by-step through developing or expanding your brand on social media, including everything from what to say and how to say it to get paid.

In this course, you will learn:

The social media platforms your brand needs to be on and why, plus how to use these platforms to make money quickly

How to create your social media marketing plan and content calendar

How to continually create memorable and craveworthy content 

The golden rules of posting on social, broken out by platform

Innovative strategies and specific tactics to attract your ideal clients

The most effective touchpoints for growing your brand’s influence

The best types of content to create and why (and how)


Keli Hammond

Hi, Im Keli. I am a two-time award-winning marketing and brand strategist, the owner of B Classic Marketing and Communications, and author of the book Craved: The Secret Sauce to Building a Highly-Successful, Standout Brand. For over 15 years I’ve been helping established and startup leaders and entreprenueurs market themselves and their brands and have seen massive success in my field including winning two national awards fo best marketing and branding campaign. You may have seen me in The Huffington Post, on MSN, on ABC Channel 7, or GoBankingRates. I love teaching, empowering and inspiring others to live their best life through purpose discovery, mentorship and entrepreneurship. 

Are you ready to learn what to do to successful sell through social media?


Course coming Summer 2019.