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6 Ways to Make Your Instagram Account More Engaging

6 Ways to Make Your Instagram Account More Engaging

Have you ever wondered what makes people engage with certain Instagram accounts over others? Engagement (not followers) is the real goal of Instagram for anyone looking to grow sell products or expertise through this uber-popular social media site.

Brand success on Instagram is less about the number of followers you have, and more about how engaged your followers are in your content. When people are engaged in your brand, they remember you, they advocate for your, and most importantly, they trust you. The most successful personal and business brands focus more on developing highly-engaging content, and less on the number of followers they have.

Follow these six tips when you post to Instagram, and you’ll be on your way to becoming more valuable to your audience (and social media users in general).


Don’t underestimate the power of likes, but moreso, don’t underestimate the power of comments. Social media is about being social, and the foundation of socialization is communication. Communicating with people helps you build community. It’s a way to let people know you see and appreciate their content. In turn, not only do they stop and notice you, so do the other people that visit their page.


Sharing and reposting already existing content is one of the best ways to increase your engagement (and it’s super-easy, because you don’t actually have to create the content itself). Once you know your audience, and are clear on the things they find interest in, start sharing a variety of posts, articles, photos, and videos that tie into those interests. Tag the content creator for even more engagement and brand visibility (Instagram’s algorithm loves when you interact with other people).


A great way for people to discover your content is through Instagram stories. For clarity, that means that even people that don’t follow you can discover your story posts and content, which offers huge opportunities to increase your brand awareness. Stories are great way to infuse more varied content to you brand, and because IG stories disappear after 24 hours, you’re not wedded to the content long-term. Include hashtags and tag places you visit. They’ll show up to anyone searching for that information. Also, using IG stories helps keep your brand top-of-mind to people, because your feed will stay front and center as people scroll through their feed.


People love to chime in and give their opinions. And for those that don’t feel comfortable contributing to conversations, they certainly enjoy watching and reading them. To get started, ask people their opinions on different current events including news, pop culture, television, books, and upcoming happenings. Beyond asking questions in your photo and video posts, a great way to generate discussion is through the “poll” and “questions” features within IG stories. Idea exchange is a great way to get people to remember your brand.


What is it that you want people to do? Do you want people to tag someone in a post, visit a website, read an article, download a resource, click a link, donate to a cause, subscribe to your blog? Whatever it is, you have to be clear about it and let people know that’s what you’d like them to do. You want them to take an action of some sort; so be clear in that. It’s your opportunity to direct someone to do a specific task. You’d be surprised how far a quick ask at the bottom of your post can take you.


Instagram is a visual platform, and as such, the visuals matter (a lot). Although this is last on the list, it’s certainly not least. In addition to making sure you’re generally posting clear, high-quality photos and videos, it’s also worthwhile to think about editing your photos prior to posting them on IG. Popular photo filtering apps include VSCO, Snapseed, and Adobe Lightroom.

Instagram offers huge opportunities to both personal and business brands. Use these six tips, and you’ll be on your way to building a more engaged tribe through your Instagram.


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