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What to Include In Your One-Page Marketing Plan

What to Include In Your One-Page Marketing Plan

No one achieves their goals without a plan. No one. A marketing plan is essential if you want to accomplish your brand goals. As someone who has been drafting marketing plans for over a decade, I know what it takes to create an effective one.

You don’t need this to be a document that you spends weeks and months developing only to file it away and never use it. What’s the point of that? You need to create a plan that keeps you focused and outlines all your strategy from start to finish.

Because marketing plans can get really lengthy, I’ve simplified your one-page marketing plan into the six main components that you’ll need to be sure you think through before starting on any project related to your brand, business, or product.


Having a clear understanding of how your marketing goals link back to your brand/business goals will set the stage for how successful your marketing will be. It’s important to note that your goals of your marketing efforts should be very specific.

For example, although you could create a goal for yourself that says something like:

  • Increase my sales, it’s much more clearly defined goal would be: Sell XX number of new product by _____ date.


This is where you identify your ideal buyers. Where are they and how will you find and talk to them? What’s important to them? What are they concerned about or struggling with and how will your products or services help them?


You have to know your competitors. Competitors are anyone in your industry that are providing similar services to you, especially those that have a similar target audience as you. Your goal is to beat the competition and make more sales, and to do that, you have to dig deep and understand what they’re doing, when they’re doing it, and how they’re doing it.


Having prices for your services and products is one thing, but having a pricing strategy is completely different. The strategy is what makes the difference. When you have a pricing strategy, it becomes much easier to predict your profit and plan how you’ll best to price (and ultimately sell) your products to get to your goals.


It’s important to have a clear understanding of how you’ll promote your brand in a way that reaches your target audience. Promotional plans include multiple methods that get help you reach the maximum amount of people and include internet/social media marketing, public relations, advertising, and direct selling.


Having a marketing budget is essential as it shapes how you’ll promote yourself. This is the section where you outline how much you plan to spend and on what types of tactics you’ll spend it. For newbies and start-ups, budgets are typically very limited, so having a detailed plan for your spend will be your saving grace.

Success starts with intentional and focused planning. You need a blueprint, you need a guide. If you feel like you could use additional help crafting your marketing plan, please request a virtual one-on-one marketing strategy session with Keli.


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