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6 Ways to Make Your Instagram Account More Engaging

Have you ever wondered what makes people engage with certain Instagram accounts over others? Engagement (not followers) is the real goal of Instagram for anyone looking to grow sell products or expertise through this uber-popular social media site. Brand success on Instagram is less about the number of followers you have, and more about how…
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How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Brand (Marketing Strategy)

When you think social media, it’s important not to overlook or underestimate the power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is (hands down) the best tool available for professional networking–meaning it’s a platform that is ideal for building professional business connections, getting industry-related updates, and finding career opportunities. LinkedIn is the best place to validate and showcase your…
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13 of the Most Common Small Business Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Running a small business has very small room for error. You’re often investing limited resources and time, and any mistake has the potential to set you back gravely. To help your business command its rightful place in the market, I’ve complied a list of 13 of the most common mistakes I see from small business owners…
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