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Award-Winning Marketing & Communications Expert. Growth Strategist.

Keli Hammond is a two-time nationally-recognized award-winning marketing expert, speaker, business growth consultant and success coach, and the author of Craved: The Secret Sauce to Building a Highly Successful, Standout Brand.

As a marketing and communications consultant, Keli uses her 15 years of business and brand expertise to coach individuals and organizations on how to drive performance, productivity, and profitability. Prior to consulting, Keli worked in both management and leadership roles for over a decade, guiding and training teams to be more strategic and impactful in their work. This work took her around the world to countries, including The Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Japan, and Austria where she was the youngest person at two seperate companies to lead international brand expansion projects to regions including Latin America and Asia.

Keli has led consumer marketing initiatives for a diverse portfolio of brands including Livestrong, Virginia Hospital Center, AIG, Cancer.Net, the DC Chamber of Commerce, ASCO University, and the Association for Talent Executives to name a few; and is the recipient of two nationally-recognized industry awards, including best associations campaign, for her work on a multicultural and bilingual advertising campaign centered around cancer awareness and preparedness.

She believes in the power of mentorship and generous knowledge sharing as a catalyst to great and fulfilling work and as such travels globally leading trainings and workshops on topics ranging from digital marketing and personal branding to effective leadership and diversity and inclusion. She also delivers a variety of custom keynote workshops designed to help cultivate extraordinary leaders, managers, and peak performers, and build the highest performers and most engaged teams.

In her debut book Craved, which is available globally at retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Walmart, and Indiebound, Keli distills her vast knowledge of marketing, branding, positioning, and communications into a how-to-handbook that guides readers through maximizing their personal effectiveness and influence in their quest for visibility, entrepreneurial success, or career advancement. Described as a “must-read” by the Midwest Book Review, Craved is designed to help individuals uncover hurdles to personal or business performance and jumpstart their creativity through powerful branding and marketing.

Keli has been seen on ABC’s Good Morning Washington and has been featured in HuffPost, The Washington Informer, The Startup Growth, and GoBankingRates, to name a few. Additionally, she has been interviewed on top business podcasts Permission to Hustle and Tough Things First.

Keli holds a BA in Advertising from Temple University and a certification in Change Leadership (Change Management) from Cornell University. She is an advisor to a number of start-ups in the social media and government spaces. Keli splits her time between the Washington, DC Metro area and New York City.

Commonly requested keynotes, workshops, and trainings.


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Passionate about helping leaders more confidently lead, managers more effectively manage, and businesses more impactfully market.

What people say about Keli, her book, and her guidance.

Event Attendee

“Keli is unreal amazing. Very down-to-earth, funny, whitty, and super smart. I thoroughly enjoyed her session ‘Not Marketing is Not an Option.’ She was so engaging and the information she provided was empowering and clear. She is truly a breath of fresh air.”

Cashay Haffoney, Author, Chef, TV Host

Keli is positive, focused, disciplined, enthusiastic, and most of all, down to earth…every time we talk, I learn something new. She has a way of making the most difficult and overwhelming tasks easy, and I love that she approaches every challenge with research and facts.”

NYC Author Talk Attendee

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was the best author talk I’ve ever attended. I was in awe of Ms. Hammond. Very poised, super-engaging and so funny. Not just me, but everyone in the room was captivated. She made me feel like anything is possible. I can’t wait for her future events.”

 Event Attendee

“Truly informative. I am so grateful that I got the chance to not only meet Keli but to connect with her and add her to my network. She is someone I always want in my corner. Whatever “it” is, this woman has it. Keli is a force!”

Amazon Reviewer/Kindle Ver.

“Reading CRAVED, had me understanding what I want get out of my brand, without all the preachy, you need to follow this model. This was like a friend helping and guiding you to be a better you. If there’s any seminars conducted by Ms. Hammond, I would attend…Great read.”

Amazon Reviewer

“If you’ve ever thought about being an entrepreneur, blogger or business owner, you need to read CRAVED. It is VERY PRACTICAL and covers nearly every possible marketing situation or question. What I like most though is that it gets to the point. No fluff. Every piece of information was organized and informative.”

Richard & Liz, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

“This book is an easy, very informative read. Good sized font, well spaced paragraphs. As an entrepreneur I read this book with great interest and a yellow highlighter in my hand! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this resource if you are a business owner or making plans to become one.”

Marilyn R Wilson, Author/

“I found myself highlighting sections all through out that struck a chord for me such as – Marketing is not promotion. Marketing is not selling…marketing is the process of getting people to care about what you do and why you do it.” and “A brand is an experience. It’s a promise and a commitment to people.”

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